Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Realisation it Won't Happen Overnight

I think when I joined online dating I thought I'd go on one date, find a nice guy (not necessarily "the one") and I wouldn't have to trawl through anymore profiles or read about guys who are easy going, love going to the gym and enjoys the outdoors.

I mean, do girls really want to hear about this because I know I don't. Perhaps if this were true and you didn't read it in every profile it would be different.

Some guys are so specific about what they are looking for in a partner I begin to know why they are still single.

One wanted a girl between 172-182cm tall, another said she had to be really fit, healthy and enjoy a good lifestyle. She also had to exercise a lot and eat healthy.

Another said he wasn't a druggo, alco, liar or untidy while another simply said broken guy, will try one more time.

Most guys enjoy some couch potato time but they make it known they don't want someone who is a slug.

The reality is, online dating is just like dating in the real world. You can meet some tossers you shouldn't have wasted your time on but the truth is, you still have to wade through the crap before you find anyone worthwhile.

You hope what people say in their profiles is true, but you don't really know unless you swap emails (this is where the "stamps" come in) or you progress to the phone number stage and you line up a time to meet face-to-face.

I still have friends telling me to go to a popular place that's well lit and make sure you tell so-and-so where you are going.

I mean, come on. You don't throw common sense out the window simply because you have turned to the web to find love. And I wish people would give me more credit. Of course I would stick to the "normal" dating rules. I'm not going down some dark, dingy alley with a guy I've been emailing for a week.

Earlier I mentioned I'd been stood up. If I'm entirely honest, I wasn't surprised. I'd gotten a few signals before the actual date that he wasn't serious about it and I even called him on it - saying he'd only joined to get laid (he said that wasn't true).

He'd asked me at least three times to text him a photo "because I once went on a date with a woman who was 10 years older than her profile"...

I didn't fall for that. And when I'd texted him a couple of hours before the date to confirm the time, I didn't get a response.

Perhaps he had second thoughts - fair enough. But he still could have hid behind a text and let me know he wasn't interested before I had done my hair and makeup and paid $15 for parking.

But I'm not bitter about it. I wallowed for about a week, but then picked myself up again, dusted off my computer keys and began searching again...

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