Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Date Disaster - What NOT To Do

I'm not entirely sure how I'm feeling after tonight's three-and-a-half hours the guy managed to tell me he just wanted to be friends, five years ago he would never have considered dating a blonde (which I am) and we just wouldn't work out because I don't like Japanese food.

Let's start at the beginning...

Even though my profile says 'undecided' about kids, this guy who 'wants kids' was happy to go on a date with me. But for the first hour (okay, whole date) this guy was telling me how much he wanted to meet "the one" he could have two kids (brought up as Christian) by the time he's 40 (he's 31).

Then into hour three he decided the fact I don't like Japanese food was a deal breaker, because "what happens if we see a movie and I want to get some Japanese afterwards and you don't want it??".

He also managed to insult me in saying the only reason he went on a "night time" date with me was because he knew I wouldn't try to sleep with him. Thanks, that makes me sleep a whole lot better at night.

His usual M.O. is breakfast dates, which I was against from the start. But his thinking, he wouldn't end up in bed with girl at 10am.

He also enlightened me to the fact "I'm not a white picket fence girl". He doesn't want to waste three years, wake up one day and realise we weren't right for each other.

He also admitted to being addicted to sex and he usually sleeps with girls on the first date.

On the upside (if there is one??) is I managed to get him to spill the beans in one sitting. Not that I was ready for this. He said most don't break down the walls he puts up and he avoids eye contact because "they're the window to the soul".

I know, right? Pretty heavy shit for a first date.

He also said it was better this way, being honest, rather than him dodging my calls or texts down the track. NEWS FLASH: I would have preferred you to tell me via text you weren't interested, rather than ruining almost four hours of my Wednesday night making me feel pretty shit about myself. 

I can do that all by myself - don't need anyone else's help.

I was the one to call it quits (at 11.15pm) on the date and he was all like "if you're happy to be friends with me, I can do that".

I politely told him I didn't join online dating to find more "friends".

He left to catch a train; I went for a cab. Now I'm back in the big, bad world of "plenty more fish in the sea".

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  1. Oh no!!! Date from hell with a bullshitter who, I'm guessing here, was totally up for a one-night stand! Ugh loser! xoxo