Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Etiquette of Online Dating

I think the etiquette of online dating isn't talked about enough. You have taken the first step of creating a profile and put yourself at the mercy of a few hundred (or thousand?) suitors but what do you do now?

People are expected to know what to say, how to act or even how you first initiate contact with someone without really knowing what they are doing.

Here are my dos and don'ts (so far) with online dating:

  • Include photos of yourself in your profile - the guy needs to see what you look like
  • If someone sends you a 'kiss' (or equivalent) and wants to get to know you and you are not interested, let them know. Don't let it drag on
  • Same goes if you like someone. I say a 24 hour turn around is good
  • Keep you profile active - don't check it randomly. Daily is good
  • Try to be funny and witty in your profile, but don't over do it. You don't want to tell the guy everything about yourself just yet
  • Read a few other profiles first so you can gauge a good and bad one
  • Remember when you look at someone's profile, they know, so keep the number of 'visits' to a minimum
  • Think through what you write in your profile because the site will match you with like-minded people

  • Upload inappropriate photos - remember this is the first impression the guy has of you
  • Use old photos - they must be current
  • Say anything untrue. You want to be honest from the start
  • Join unless you are serious about meeting someone
  • Send photos to a guy "because he wants to make sure you look like your photos" (I didn't fall for that)
Don't (for guys)
  • Upload a selfie of you standing in front of your bathroom mirror
  • Upload any photos without your shirt on - there is plenty of time for the girl to see what's under those manly Ts and tightie whities
  • Upload a photo of yourself with a girl's arm around you (yes we can tell it's your ex)
  • Say you are over the clubbing scene - everyone says that (isn't that why we are all here in the first place?)
  • Talk about how much you love the gym (but you're not a gym junkie)
I use the same rules for online dating as I would dating in the real world:

If you like someone, let them know.
If you're not interested, tell them.
Don't feel compelled to waste your time (and theirs) waiting for that spark, or chemistry. If it's not there, it's not there.
Don't be afraid to see what's out there - don't settle for the first person who shows an interest in your profile.

Take a leap of faith! 

I have.

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