Monday, August 5, 2013

Joining the Online Dating World

I’ve come to the realisation dating in my 30s is not the same as it was in my 20s. You talk “grown up” stuff like how work is going, what your flatmates are like and what movies you’ve seen.

Gone are the days of discussing the exciting things like where you went for drinks last night, or what bands you are going to see or your next trip. 

I joined online dating eight weeks ago and now I am surrounded with "kisses", stamps and emails.

I thought the hardest part was joining - it wasn't. Trying to write a profile which had enough information to get the guy's attention but not too much to make you sound up yourself was hard.

So far my experience is three dates and one stand-up.

I was chatting to my mum on the phone after date #2 and my dad yells out “so she wasn’t thrown in a ditch yet?”. I thought he was talking about their cat. But no, it was me - their daughter. Thanks for the encouragement dad.

I want to share my (online) dating experiences with anyone willing to read them. Laugh at my stories (and secretly be glad they are not happening to you!), scoff or even just be happy you are already loved up and not putting yourself (and your profile) out there.

I promise I won't tell you how many times I visit the gym, how I'm looking for a "down to earth" guy who likes to go out but still enjoy a quiet night in and who is a "social" drinker.

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