Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Perks of Dating

I've taken a philosophical look at dating over the past couple of weeks.

Sure, I enjoy going on dates and meeting new people, but along the way I've also picked up some pretty cool things.

I think the top of the list would be a second chance by the last guy I wrote about.
Turns out he read the blog post I wrote about him and he was prepared to give me a second chance.

We went on a second date and it was just as good as the first, if not better.
The chemistry was still bursting out and we managed another marathon session of getting to know each other (eight and a half hours later....).

The second coolest thing I've been given on a date is a bottle of vodka! I'd organised the date - a ghost tour of an old gaol and the guy was that impressed I'd taken the initiative to do something different, he bought me a bottle of alcohol.

A good friend of mine helped me polish it off long after the guy decided I wasn't the one for him.

I've been given chocolates - fancy Haighs chocolates from Adelaide. I'm kinda glad I don't appear to be the usual flowers girl though (although I do love 'em).

I guess the next one to receive an honourable mention would be the guy from the awkward date last year who turned up with four passion fruit! He'd spoken of his passion fruit vine and how he loved to make passion fruit cheesecake. I mention I like passion fruit, then presto I'm given these fruits after probably the most awkward date I've ever been on.

I didn't eat them for days for fear they were poisoned. I even gave two to my mum (nice, hey??) and after awhile decided to try them myself.

And they were some of the tastiest I'd ever eaten!

All jokes (and fruit aside) I guess the biggest thing guys give me on dates is time. It's a few hours (or more if the date's going well) of their time they're never going to get back. Ever.

But is guess I only think of it like that when the date doesn't go well. If I'm out with a guy and I'm really enjoying myself, I'm not worried how late it is. Being a night owl has something to do with it, but also you lose track of time when you're with someone worthwhile. And you can't put a price, or time frame on that.

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