Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Taxi Drivers

The taxi drivers play a part in my online dating too. It's my usual form of transport when I'm about to meet a guy I've never met, for a date.

When one of my dates was finishing and the guy walked me to a taxi, he opened the front passenger door for me. I politely said thanks, but I'll sit in the back.

He then said he didn't know why because he always sat in the front, but he had friends who sat in the back blah blah blah.

I proceeded to tell my date that being a single gal, I felt more safe sitting in the back of the taxi. I felt like telling him I shouldn't have to explain myself to him, geez.

So we hug, I get in the (back of the ) taxi and before we've pulled away from the curb the driver gets stuck into me asking why didn't I feel safe in the taxi??

So not only had he listened to my conversation with my date, but hit me up about sitting in the back of a taxi.

I said (again) I felt more safe in the back.

He said why, it's just as safe in the front and there are cameras (points to them).

I was pissed off at this stage so I told him I know there are camera, but there is no sound to them. I'd remembered a story I'd read in the paper a few months back about how council was paying for all the cameras in taxis to have sound and not just a picture.

Needless to say I didn't talk to him for the rest of the cab ride.

A few weeks later another taxi driver parts more wisdom.

After jumping in a cab about 12.15am (pretty good sign the date went well) the driver asked me how my night was. I said good . He replied with "every day above ground is a good one". He really knew how to bring the tone of the night down.

He went on to tell me he is from Palestine and God gets them ready for death...quite heavy at midnight!

But he is right - any day above ground is a good one.

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