Monday, March 3, 2014

Back from my self-imposed hiatus

Well hello!
It's been 6 months since I last posted anything. Mainly because I stopped online dating all together and it's hard to write a blog that's called Diary of An Online Dater when I'm not actually online. Or dating.

But alas, I went out on the weekend with a couple of new friends and got talking to a guy who suggested I write again.

Then a friend said I should get back to it too so I figured I'd give it a go.

I haven't actually been on any dates since I pulled my profile down in October. I miss it. It's nice to get dressed up, but to actually get dressed up for someone is a different story.

If you remember my worst date ever story last year it's made me a little wary and perhaps one of the reasons why I don't get guys' numbers anymore. But I should.

I'll tell you why.

This guy I mentioned from the weekend was talking to me about what I did. I explained I'm a former journalist now working in marketing. "Don't all journalists end up in PR or marketing?" he says.

Well, yes, they kinda do.

He asked if I had a blog after I mentioned I missed being a journalist. I said yes, I was writing a blog when I was doing online dating.

Then I re-hashed the worst date ever and he suggested I should keep up with my blog.

We had a nice chat. He had joined Tinder 2 weeks ago and he and his mate (who had a girlfriend) were out having a few beers and flicking through the girls on the dating app. 

I asked him how many second dates he'd had and he'd been on a couple of first dates. Then he confessed he didn't like to make the first move so when he had matches, he just let them sit there.

"But isn't that the point - when you both swipe yes, you're matched? Don't you want to follow it up?" I ask, intrigued.

He admitted it was an ego boost to see how many matches he had.
I was shaking my head not understanding. 

"I would have thought when you'd both come to this point where you were looking for love online, you'd both be serious?".

For someone who is so shy, he sure is putting himself out there. He was also on another online dating site.

We chatted about everything from tattoos on girls (yay or nay?), where we'd travelled overseas to where we went to school to his love of motorbikes and my apparent judgmental responses.

To which I replied "all girls are judgemental on the inside!".

When I realised I'd neglected my friends (we were talking in a booth) I went back to the group and one of my friends told me they'd given his mate my number to give to him.

Apparently my guy was shy.

I figured his mate would give him my number, then he'd get in contact.

But it's been two days and nothing.

I have Googled searched like there's no tomorrow. Scrolled through Facebook, even looked on LinkedIn and tried to go back through old school records to find this guy's last name.

But nothing. It's pretty hard to search the world wide web with just a first name, name of the school they went to and a brief description of what they do for a living.

 And I may, or may not have rung up his school to find out his name...

I Guess I gave too much credit to the impression I left with him. I thought our chat would have prompted him to contact me, but I guess the moral of the story for me is to get the guy's phone number next time?

I'm just not sure whether it's better to send a text and not get a response or not get his number in the first place...and kick myself.

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