Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Date Rules

Although we like to think there aren't any first date rules, they are.

Like taking someone to McDonald's or your local RSL - you just don't do it. Especially if you want to reach date #2.

Speaking of RSLs...this guy I'm talking to suggested we go to an RSL for dinner 'cause "it does some nice meals too". Ummmmm. No.

I put going to an RSL on a first date in the same category as going to Sizzler. Never going to happen. Ever.

Isn't the guy supposed to impress the girl on the first date? Where does it say thank you for getting dressed up, doing your hair and makeup.

We all know going on a date is about getting dressed up as much as it is about meeting the guy.

If the first date starts out at an RSL, then future ones will probably be down hill from there. Surely there's got to be something pretty special about the first date? And it starts with the venue.

Guys shouldn't wear a hoodie on a first date either.

I've touched on this before - don't talk about marriage, kids or exes on the first date. There are plenty of other things to fill in time.

If the guy pays on the first date he gets a big tick in my book. I know, I know, equality and all, but I am old fashioned and think the guy should pick up the tab. I am happy to go one for one after that.

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