Sunday, June 5, 2016

I Asked My Uber Driver Out

I asked my Uber driver out. I have no shame. 

But for anyone who knows me, this isn't really out of the ordinary. I put myself out there. Always have and hope I always will.

I'd been on a date with a Spanish guy and it was so boring I cut it short after an hour-and-a-half.

I grabbed some takeaway and called an Uber to take me home, all before 9.30pm on a Friday night. Not a good indication of how the date went.

My driver arrives (I'd seen his photo and he looked cute) and I jumped in the front seat and he was asking how my night was and I tell him I was on a date.

He was keen to hear about it and within a few minutes it was just like we were two people driving - not an Uber driver and passenger.

He wanted to hear about the boring date and he confessed he'd only been on three dates in his life (which of course I had trouble believing).

He also ran his own business and gave me his business card with his name and number on it. Said he was 38 and found it was hard to meet girls when he spends his weekends doing Uber.

He wanted to hear more about my date so I indulged him - said I wasn't attracted to the guy and he appeared to be a mummy's boy.

He found this quite funny and I decided to share with him that I write a blog about online dating. He thought I went on dates just to write a blog, but I said it was the other way 'round.

H'd been on Tinder during a recent overseas trip and went on an amazing date but assured me nothing happened. Not that it made any difference to me.

My 20 minute ride comes to an end, we say goodbye and I head inside. About half an hour later I decide to send him a message (I had his business card.). 

I was pretty lame - hi it's Barbara, you've just dropped me home.....I asked if he wanted to go for a drink sometime. I sent him the link to my blog and said here's a laugh and it if you still wanted to catch up after you'd read it, to let me know.

He replied 15 minuted later - said he was keen to catch up and he wanted to warm me he was very cheeky......right. And you don't think I am mate??

There were a few messages back and forth but we never ended up catching up for that drink.

But for the first little while I did take a breath every time I requested an Uber....!

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  1. Great read mate. Put a smile on my face to start the morning.
    Kylie xo