Friday, August 19, 2016

How (not) to pick up on a Saturday night

I've never mentioned any guys' names, until now.

You'll know why I have to this time.

I'd moved into a new unit and was trying the local Thai cuisine when I got chatting with a guy who was also waiting for his takeaway order.

He seemed quite nice - he was telling me he eats there every Saturday (sweet and sour chicken) and they knew his order before he even walked through the door.

Turns out this particular Saturday night he was supposed to go out for drinks with friends, but the bailed at the last minute.

We only spoke for about 15 minutes but I knew he'd been seeing a girl (he'd wanted to take her to the restaurant on a date but they've broken up beforehand), knew he likes sweet and sour pork and he knew where the closest liquor store was.

Lucky for him because my friend set off in search for some cider to have with dinner.

By the time she returned she thought I would have lined up a date with him. Nope.

Our order was called and we left.

I thought about him the following week and figured if I really wanted to see him again I could just go back to the Thai takeaway.

A couple of weeks later my parents were in town and I decided to have Thai.  Mum waited in the car while I ran in and picked up the order. 

I run smack bang into this guy.

Even though I was hoping he would be there, I didn't expect him to be.

The exchange went a bit like this:

Me: Hey, how you going? It's good to see you again
Him: Yeah I'm good. Nice to see you too
Lady behind counter: Do you have an order to pick up?
Me: Yes, order for Barbara please

[At this stage I realised this guy had no idea what my name was and I still didn't know his.]

Me blurting out: Do you wanna go for a drink sometime?
Him looking slightly taken aback: Ummm, Yeah?
Me not knowing what to say: Do you have a pen and I can give you my number? Or a phone?
Him still awkwardly standing there...
Lady behind counter who had witnessed the whole exchange....tears some paper off the till and hands this guy the paper and a pen (bless her)
Me: I don't even know your name!
Him: It's Ty
Me laughs out loud: Ty and we're in a Thai shop!
Him: But my name is spelt Ty...
Me: yep, I get the spelling and he totally didn't get my joke just now...
Him: writes down my name (brownie points for listening when I said my order) and I give him my number

I make a quick exit with my takeaway and don't think much of the awkward, yet laughable moment that just happened.

But to give the guy credit, he did message me the next day (props to him - thought I'd come across too pushy).

We messaged back and forth a few times, then nothing. A week goes by and still no word.

He had seemed keen to go for a drink. I decided to take the bull by the horns (again) and messaged him asking if he still wanted to catch up and not to worry if he'd changed his mind.

He replied explaining his best friends had a baby and he'd been caught up with that during the week.

We planned to catch up the following Friday night.

All afternoon I wasn't feelin' it. Usually I'm excited to meet the guy but I just wasn't this time.

But I didn't back out - I met him and we had a few drinks and then dinner but there wasn't any chemistry.

I was too afraid to ask his age but I'm pretty it's late 20s as he's been in his current (and only?) job for almost 10 years and started when he was at school...

He seemed to be at the stage in his life where he had all these big plans, hopes and dreams to do "when he grew up". Problem was I had already grown up and was looking for someone on the same page.

We just weren't at the same stages in our lives (irrespective of our ages).

I can't blame him though - he gave it a good crack. He was nice but wasn't for me.

And if I've learnt anything from my numerous first dates, it's to go with your instinct. Trust your gut.

I ended the date with me waiting for an Uber while he looked for the bus station.

I messaged him the next day saying thanks for a lovely date but I thought we were just at different stages in our lives (cliche I know, but it was true) and all the best.

No reply. I'm still waiting. It just proved I was right.

Let's just say Thai or Ty isn't on the menu anytime soon.

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