Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Radio Silence

Radio silence.
That's what I am hearing when the guy decides not to call or text me back and it usually happens after the second date.

Thanks guys, thanks for the heads up you don't want to spend time with me anymore. Would have been nice if you had the common courtesy to tell me thanks, but no thanks.

Hi. my name is Barbara and I'm back on internet dating!

I've had a few months off after I realised I missed this part of my life, my "hobby" or second job. Now I'm back, giving RSVP a second try.

But this time around I'm doing things a little differently.

I'm not going to give my number out first and I'm not going to suggest a meet up face-to-face first.

I am a little old fashioned and believe the guy should make the first move. And that still means online too.

I have more balls than the guys (!) so I've taken a step back to let them take the lead because you know what, I deserve to be treated like I matter.

And it's worked some. I've been back online dating for almost two months and so far I've had three second dates! (one wasn't from online though).

For anyone who's read my previous blogs, they will know about my third date curse.

I thought I was going to sail through my last third date, but alas, it ended after the second.

But back to my radio silence reference - I'm sure you've all experienced it. My theory is, if you're even thinking of radio silence, let alone hearing it, the guy is just not that into you.

It's a sad fact, but true. If a guy likes you, he'll want to contact you whenever and wherever he can. You won't be second guessing your actions, or his. You'll just know.

I'm still on the hunt to find someone who I feel this with. Stay tuned for my next dating story! I've got plenty more to share.

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