Sunday, May 18, 2014

I've Joined Tinder!

So I finally joined the Tinder revolution!

I'd been thinking about it for a few weeks and one Sunday night I decided to do it.

It's relatively easy - it's connected to Facebook so all you need to do is choose which Facebook pics you'll use, what age group you're searching for and what kilometre radius you want the guys.

The second guy I was chatting to was pretty forthcoming about what he was looking for.

His reply?
Him: what do u want from this
Me: that's a bit forward, I'm not after a one night stand if that's what you mean?
Him: your no good to me then

Wow. Glad we sorted that out. So you're what people warned me about.

Others had the whole 'hi, how are you' while I tried starting with 'I'm new to this, how's it been for you' kinda thing.

I hate nothing more than someone asking me a lame question about how my day was! 

Photos range from the vague, to the typical bathroom selfies, ones with them and their dogs and of course the tighty whitey ones.

I mean, if you're putting those sorts of photos out there I guess you're going to attract those sorts of people, right?

Tinder is different from other online dating sites. You take the person on face value; if you don't like their photos you swipe one way, if you like them, you swipe the other. If you've both 'liked' each other, Tinder messages you both and lets you know you are a match. Then you're free to start messaging through the app.

I've heard Tinder referred to as 'tindering' and 'tinderella'!

The guys on Tinder (well, the ones I've come across) generally don't write a spiel to go with their pics. You'll know their name, age and how many kms away they are.  

This is a sign of our times - how cut-throat things can be and how we're such a "now" generation. And Tinder is good for this - a simple swipe and you could start chatting to someone you may never have met.

I did come across a couple of guys I went on dates with last year, ones I met through another site. They had the same spiel from before. Think they're missing the point of Tinder.

It's all about the attraction you have with someone, purely by looking at their photo on your phone. Noone wants to read about your hopes and dreams and what you're looking for in a partner...that comes later.

Stay tuned for my first Tinder date...

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