Monday, October 9, 2017

Work Lunch or Lunch Date?

I've been sitting on this blog post for awhile now, not sure how I would start it.

Mainly because during this time of procrastination (which, as a journo, I am excellent at), I met someone and now know what it's like to be treated right.

But let's go back to the time when I wasn't.

I'd been chatting to a guy through work for a few months, on and off. All work-related (of course), but then I got the feeling he might be trying to suss out if I was single.

There were heaps of "work" phone calls back and forth, and yes, I admit I did make up a few lame excuses so I could call him.

Eventually he kept saying we should meet up for coffee sometime. Waiting for that 'sometime' turned into weeks so I decided to take the initiative and ask him for coffee.

I'd sent the email and waited in anticipation for him to reply. A few hours went by. Nothing. Then a day, still nothing.

I wrote him off after not hearing from him in four days and tried to get back on with life and had convinced myself it was all in my head.

But alas, a week or so later I get a very impersonal 'coffee' invite sent to me by this guy.

Phew, so he know s I'm alive afterall. Of course I forgave him in an instant for not answering my coffee email.

I couldn't make the time he suggested for coffee so after a few emails we decide on "lunch" on a Monday.

Now I'm sure I'm not the only woman who has wondered if they are going on a "work" lunch, or lunch date?

I mean it felt like a date after it went from coffee to lunch.

But, hang on a second. Did he think we'd have "coffee" during the period typically known as lunch from 12-1pm?

I was confused and reading waaaay too much into the situation.

But the time the day rolled around I had no idea what to expect. Technically I didn't even know if this guy was single? Was he?

I actually hadn't met this guy yet, just knew the sound of his great phone voice. I'd tried cyber stalking him, but he didn't have much of an online footprint so I didn't have much to go on.

So we meet, eat (thank god!) and talk date-like stuff. I knew his career background, that he owned a couple of boats, had two children and it appeared he was going through a separation.

We talked about my work, he knew I was single and didn't have any kids and I'm pretty sure I told him about my little blog.

An hour-and-a-half goes by, he pays (ummm, date!) and we walk out and say our goodbyes. I was ready to say I'd been keen to catch up again but next time alcohol should be involved.

But he turns all work-like, shakes my hand and said he looked forward to seeing me at the filming (we were filming with his company).

I leave confused, perhaps more so than I was when I arrived.

I still wasn't sure if he was single and was cracking onto me.

I decided to wait and don't contact him for a few days (work-related or otherwise), then three days later I get an email saying he enjoyed our "lunch getogether" and that I was "interesting" and would be keen to do it again sometime.

So I see this as my queue to go for it! I text him saying I'd been keen for another catchup, this time with alcohol involved. He replies 'haha for sure' and that was it.

I wait four days and text again asking if he was free that Friday for a drink?

I'm still waiting for him to reply.

I got absolutely nothing. Radio silence.

I stopped obsessing about it after a few weeks and began to get on with life and realise it was him and not me.

Randomly I get a "work" email from him saying he'd follow up in the next week or two to see how everything went with filming.

I'm still waiting.

His actions said a lot about him, not only on a personal level, but a work one too. And I wanted nothing to do with either.

About a month after getting his latest email I joined eHarmony. It was one of only a few sites I hadn't tried so thought I'd hand over my credit card and give it go.

And I haven't looked back!

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