Monday, January 11, 2016

I Asked a Married Guy Out

I asked a married guy out, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Really. I need to go back 12 months to put it all into perspective.

A year ago an electrician was at my house installing two ceiling fans. There were a few glitches with the fans so he was here a few times, enough for us to chat and find out a little bit about each other.

Those who know me well know how much I'm a sucker for a tradie so imagine my delight when I think this one might like me.

I knew he was going to Japan for a ski holiday in February, I knew his sister had planned their Christmas party (which was that weekend) and that when he left my place on a Friday night he was going home to have a beer and do some paperwork.

I didn't hear him say he was going home to see his WIFE.

We'd been chatting two or three times and I swear we had two "moments". You know what I'm talking about - the moment you both stop talking and there's a silence and you're not sure who will talk first or even if the other person is thinking what you're thinking. I thought he was, but turns out he wasn't.

So after these moments I decided to take a leap of faith. He'd wanted me to let him know how the fan went so I text him on the Saturday just after lunch. Not too late as he'd said he was turning his phone off for the two weeks over Christmas and I didn't want to chance him not getting my text for two weeks.

So I messaged saying the fan was working (one of them was faulty) and if he was ever free for a drink, to let me know.

Nothing. Minutes turned into hours which turned weeks into months and soon I forgot all about it. This was just another strike of me putting myself out there and not getting anything back.

I figured I wouldn't see him again. I was back online dating so had plenty of other suitors to keep me occupied.

Until last month when said fan was playing up and his company was called to investigate. Great, just great.

Last time I had dealt with him directly - he'd called or messaged - but this time I got a text from a woman saying they'd send someone around to look at the fan. I didn't think much of it, expected he must be too busy now to make the calls.

They got the keys from my real estate and replaced said fan while I was at work and that was the end of that.

I caught up with my property manager before Christmas - I'm in the habit of giving her chocolates each Christmas to say thank you and - at the same time decided to suss out who this woman was, just out of curiosity.

I played dumb and said I'd gotten a message from a woman about the fan....*cough....*hint* and she's like that's his wife.

Ahhhhhhhhh, what???????

I'm sure the colour drained from my face. My first thought was I asked a married guy out! How did that happen??? I think I'm pretty good at reading people and I certainly didn't get the vibe he had a wife and kids (probably) at home and at no point did he mention a wife, missues or partner to get home to.

As the hours passed I went over our conversations (which were now 12 months old) and tried to think if he'd said anything about her. He didn't but I feel like such a twat that I was THAT GIRL.

A friend recently said his wife might be the type the read his phone messages. That's just great, thanks, I hadn't thought of that.

I know you're all wondering what happened with the new fan?? Well, as I sit here typing the overhead click click click sound is driving me crazy. The faulty fan has to be replaced (again) and I'm at home for the next few weeks so there's a good chance I'll see this electrician in the flesh.

Just fabulous.

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