Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Quit Tinder

I quit Tinder.

It sounds like the beginning of a sad love letter...

A friend had recently said she didn't think Tinder was right for me...and I had to agree. I was quickly losing momentum with the swiping right idea.

I had a few people I'd matched with and most wouldn't start the conversation. I mean, come on guys. Why did you join Tinder if you weren't actually going to contact any girls?

Their lack of gumption also started to annoy me and not in a good way. Sure, I turned to online dating to find a boyfriend but I am a traditional girl at heart and think the guy should make the first move.

But I was getting older by the day as I waited for a guy to message.

But this wasn't happening on Tinder. I would wait a few days, then a week and still no message. I got sick of sending the first message and keeping the chat alive continually asking questions.

Let's face it. If you can't be bothered to message ME or ask ME about myself in an effort to get to know me, then I don't want to waste anymore time on you.

I was sick of seeing the bathroom selfies, I'm beyond annoyed reading about how much they frequent the gym - perhaps they should be dating the gym??

One thing I was surprised with was the number of guys who had children. Now if you've read my previous posts you will know I'm not interested in dating someone with children but this also seemed like a contradiction when everyone says Tinder is for hook ups.

These guys with kids in their profile pics weren't contacting me for that. They weren't contacting me full stop.

I imagined Tinder would be full of young guys looking for a bit of somethin' somethin' but instead I was seeing guys who'd done the whole marriage/kid thing and were onto round two.

During the three-odd months I was on Tinder I had three dates. Not a particularly good strike rate so I thought I'd give another dating site a go.

I've always said this online dating thing was a numbers game. The more guys you chat to and go on dates with, the more likely you're going to find a nice guy.

Well, that's what I'm hoping for.

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