Sunday, June 29, 2014

Date #3 Curse

I did see the last guy again, we managed a date #2 but I still have my date #3 curse hanging over my head.

The second date was pretty tame - we went to Eat Street Markets. He was tired and didn't seem all that interested. I was hanging (hoping?) for an invitation up, but didn't get one.

We had tentatively planned date #3, when the day before he texts at 9.40pm saying he'd been off sick that day and would go to the doctors the next day. No mention of tomorrow night's date. I think he was secretly hoping I would bring it up.

I replied, with concern, then suggested we could watch movies at his place.

Then he went into radio silence. That was three weeks ago and I still haven't heard from him.

I'm sad to say I didn't get my happy ending I was hoping for.

Usually I make excuses for the guy as to why he hasn't replied to my text, but this time I wasn't having a bar of it.

I had kept my Friday night free and ended up sitting on the couch watching bad tv. I got a couple of messages from friends asking where I was and they were surprised when I told them I was at home.

Because, like me, they thought this guy was different. He might actually be interested in me and show initiative with texting/calling/making future plans.

But this time I didn't want to hear their rationale. I hoped he was lying in a ditch somewhere (that sounds harsh, but...), without his phone, and that was the only reason he couldn't possibly have had the common courtesy to say thanks, but no thanks. 

Instead he took the coward's way out (and the all too familiar path I know) of just not replying to my text.

I was in half a mind to give him a piece of my mind but common sense prevailed (and a few talkings to from friends). He's not replying to my regular messages, he's hardly going to reply to one when I hit him up about not making concrete plans with me and not reply when I asked about our date plans.

So I did what many women before me have done. I let it slide. I decided to be the bigger person.

He's not worth it, they say. You'll find someone better, they say. If he's treating you like this now, what will it be like down the track, they say.

But I think the best piece of advice (and the one which cheered me up the most) was a good friend of mine telling me there were plenty more Tinder fish in the sea! Amen to that.

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